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3D Floral Applique Designs

DOFWC Fuchsia Winston Churchill DOFSH Fuchsia Sheila Hobson DOFSC Fuchsia Stanley Cash DOFCW Fuchsia Carl Wallace DOAB. Apple Blossom. DOXW Christmas Ivy Wreath DOGER Geranium

A machine applique technique. These are highly original flower designs where the back parts of the flower are worked directly on to the background but the front petals are worked separately with wadding in them and applied to the design after quilting so that they are raised and the whole flower "comes to life" in three dimensions. They are enlarged so a flower makes a whole cushion, thus making them easier to sew.

Each design pack comprises: a full size working diagram, a comprehensive list of requirements, complete illustrated instructions on how to work the design, tips on quilting and finishing. Designs are suitable for working on a background of unfinished size 18" x 22" or 18" x 18" (slightly less than a fat quarter). They can be made up into wall hangings, cushions, bags, quilts or appliqued directly onto clothing such as a jacket back. You provide the fabric.

Fruit and Flowers Applique Designs

FASN Snowdrop FATU Tulip FADI Dutch Iris FAPR Primrose FACR Crocus FAPA Pansies FAPO Poppy FAWL Water Lily Pond FACS Circular Snowdrop cushion FACL Clematis FASU Sunflowers FALI Lily FDOG Orange Grove FDLT Lemon Tracery PFC Pansy Flower Cushion

A range of popular fruits and flowers for machine applique worked using the technique of applique from the back, which easily allows for very detailed designs. The designs are worked on a foundation of naturally-coloured American Muslin. Most of the enlarged subjects are designed to fit a fat quarter (of about 50 cm x 56 cm), making it easier to do the necessary machine satin stitch. The final quilting allows a wonderful realistic textured effect, particularly good for leaf veins. Some designs are embellished with free machine embroidery. Suitable for cushions, wallhangings, the centre of a quilt, or use a selection to make a full size quilt.

Each design pack comprises: a full size working diagram, complete illustrated instructions on how to work the design, tips on quilting, finishing and uses, a colour photograph of a worked example. You provide the fabric.

Made up items for sale

Apple Blossom Wall Hanging

Unique items made by Marilyn Hornby.