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Novelty Mobiles, Trapunto and Motif Designs

NOXT Christmas Tree Wall Hanging NOVS Viking Ship Wall Hanging MTFC Fuchsia trapunto cushion MTCB Chinese border trapunto MTDC Daisy trapunto cushion QDDQ Duncan's Quilt Dahlia, part of DMF1 Wild violet, part of DMF1 DMXA Christmas Angels DMXC Christmas Collection - mistletoe DMXC Christmas Collection - ivy DMXC Christmas Collection - holly DMFB Pearl Bordered Fritillary Butterfly

This section presents a collection of designs for novelty mobiles, machine trapunto items and quilted decor motifs featuring flowers, Christmas plants, angels and butterflies. Quilted motifs are ideal for decorating many items around the home, such as cushions or curtain tie-backs, or they can be appliqued to clothing or used as brooches. A combination of quilting and free machine embroidery is used to make oversize examples of real butterflies. These are so realistic they could fly off your work! Apart from the uses suggested above, the butterflies could also be added to floral appliqués, or mounted to make an environmentally friendly butterfly display

Most of the designs in the floral applique section of the catalogue can be reworked in machine trapunto technique. For those who already have patterns and would like to use them differently there is a Machine Trapunto Instructions Pack, which includes a simple pansy motif for practise use. This pack (order code MTIN) costs £2.00 plus P&P £1.10 if purchased separately, but only 50p if purchased with an applique design.

Fused Work Kits

XCK Celtic Knot

Fused work is a new technique where patterns are stitched through a soluble fleece and multiple layers of organza. Areas are then cut out with a fine-tipped soldering iron to produce a cut-work effect. The use of different colours of organza produces dramatic colour change effects similar to using light filters. This versatile work can be used as a window transparency (ideal for Christmas items), table mats and centres or appliqued to many different items.

Each kit contains: full size design, instructions for fused work, soluble fabric, organza selection and a picture of the finished item.

To complete the item you will need the following additional items: a soluble marker, sewing machine, machine embroidery thread, a fine tip, low wattage soldering iron and a large ceramic tile or piece of glass.